Meldrek Crawford,
Imperator of Arathor
Meldrek Crawford


Consul of Arathor


Imperator of the Alliance of Arathor
Duke of Stonecrest

Date of Birth

593 K.C. (31 yrs.)


Alliance of Arathor
Legion of Arathor
Silver Hand
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stromgarde (Formerly)

Previous Titles

Heir of Stonecrest
Lieutenant of Stromgarde's Army

Immediate Relatives

Octavius Crawford (Father-Deceased)
Grace Crawford (Mother-Deceased)



Imperator Meldrek Crawford is the leader of the Alliance of Arathor. A Stromic native, Meldrek was born within his family's duchy on the Eastern end of the Arathi Highlands. He grew up with the teachings of the Church of Light and because of that is a member of the Order of the Silver Hand today. The Imperator leads the newly formed Commonwealth, hoping to restore what is left of society within the Highlands to a functioning state.


A man of thirty-one, Meldrek's facial features are rather well defined. He is often described as an attractive individual, with his sparkling green eyes, and his neatly combed facial hair. Atop his head is a mat of hair with the colour mixing between orange and brown. When he smiles, he reveals a dashing smile, and his pearl-white teeth, a very prideful feature for one who has been through so much turmoil and struggle.

Meldrek is quite muscular, a common trait in paladins and warriors alike. Through his years of combat training, he has developed high muscle tone in all areas of his body, giving him the strength and endurance needed to survive in battle and the harsh Highland environment. On the right side of his abdomen, atop the rib cage, he has a long scar stretching from just under his chest down to his waist caused by a training incident in his early teen years.

The Knight is usually always fully dressed in his silver and crimson armour. He wears heavy crimson plate shoulders, which are a key feature to his look. His torso and legs are adorned in a truesilver suit of plate and chain mail. Meldrek wields a holy Warhammer adorned with gold plating, granted to him upon him being inducted as a Knight of the Silver Hand. A crimson tabard, with the eagle of the House of Trollbane is another noteworthy item that Meldrek is seen wearing almost all the time, both a symbol of the former Kingdom of Stromgarde, and the order known as the Legion of Arathor, which he leads.


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